Geneva Airport Terminal

Geneva airport has two terminals, T1 and T2, but only Terminal 1 is used by passenger traffic. Terminal 2 operates only for some flights during winter and manages some charter flights as well.


Terminal 1

Is the Main Terminal at Geneva airport and it is divided in five piers known as A, B, C, D and F.


The terminal building has 5 levels:

- Departures

- Check-In

- Arrivals

- The upper two levels are used for restaurants, lounges, shower services, Child Rooms, Prayer Room, Medical Care, and terrace viewings.


Departures Level

On the Departures level there are the following services: Free Wi-Fi, Defibrillators, Information, ATMs, Smoking Area, Terrace, among others.


Check-in Level

On the Check-in level there are the following services: Press Room, Medical Care Service, Defibrillators, Wi-Fi, Car Rental, Taxis, Wheelchair Assistance, among others.


Arrivals Level

On the Arrivals level there are the following services: Defibrillator, Wi-Fi, ATMs, Information Point, Showers, Post Office, Car Rental, Access to the Car Parkings P1 and P2, among others.


Other information

Airport Hours: Important Information: Terminal 1 is closed in the morning from 00.00 am to 04.00 am.

On June 2016 Geneva Airport announced the start upgrading the main check in hall in Terminal 1 and it also planned to built the new long-haul pier Aile Est.